Legal Truths Consulting, LLC (hereinafter LTC) is a consulting company that seeks to enlighten and empower our client’s quality of life, by connecting them with a highly qualified Licensed Attorney whose primary purpose is to provide insight, information and answers coupled with specialized coaching at a flat rate price. 

We offer each client high-quality, rigorous and diverse legal consulting/coaching for an up front, flat rate fee. Our founder,  Attorney Alicia WarnerPaul uses the Genuine and Empathic Representation approach in which she utilized her highly specialized knowledge and analytical insight to bring a fresh perspective to the lives of each client in a genuine and compassionate way. 

Legal Truths Consulting, LLC was Founded by Alicia WarnerPaul, Esq. with the goal of providing high quality legal consulting or advice for an upfront flat rate  price. Attornery WarnerPaul currently serves as a Public Sector Attorney for the Fifth District State of Florida Fifth Judicial Circuit. Attorney WarnerPaul has over 10 years of combined training and experience in the legal field. As an Attorney for the Public Sector Alicia WarnerPaul, Esq. primary responsibility is to her indigent clients facing the loss of their liberty. Attorney WarnerPaul has personally assisted over 800 hundred clients in multiple areas of the law. Attorney WarnerPaul has developed a highly specialized knowledge and analytical insight throughout the course of her career. She has developed a Genuine and Empathic Representation Approach to locate and identify an issue and an objective, collaborate on a strategic plan, and assemble the necessary foundational steps to reach the objective.She spends a tremendous amount of effort ensuring that her clients receive the information, answers and directions they need in order to have a peace of mind when legal issues arise. She is actively involved with helping clients every step of the way, and she deals with each client in a real and honest, straightforward kind of way.

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Alicia WarnerPaul, Esq. is licensed to practice law solely in Florida. Nothing in this website should be taken as engaging, or offering to engage, in any activities in any jurisdiction where those activities would constitute the unauthorized practice of law or would otherwise be unlawful or improper. The materials and information appearing on this Website are provided for informational purposes only, do not constitute legal advice, and should not be considered legal advice. You should not take action based on this information without consulting an attorney who is licensed in your state or jurisdiction. Your visit to this site does not create an attorney-client relationship with you and any of our attorneys.