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Legal Truths Consulting llc, seeks to enlighten and empower our client’s quality of life, by connecting them with a highly qualified Licensed Attorney whose primary purpose is to provide insight, information and answers coupled with specialized coaching at a flat rate price.

Areas of Knowledge


Criminal Defense/DUI/Traffic


Being accused of a crime is devastating. But not knowing what will happen next, can cause unnecessary, ongoing, anxiety and stress.  Don’t let the fear of the unknown burden you or clutter your mind.  Here at LTC, our Licensed Attorney primary purpose is to provide insight, information and answers so that each client gains an understanding that provides a brand new perspective. Book your Free Legal Consultation today.

    1. Misdemeanors
    2. Criminal Traffic Offenses
    3. Felonies
    4. Juvenile Charges
    5. Seal/Expungement


General Civil Litigations


  1. Civil Suits,
  2. DCF,
  3. Wills,
  4. Guardianship and Marchment acts,
  5. Powers of Attorney,
  6. LandLord Tenant
  7. Contract,
  8. Adult Name Change


Family law / Domestic Legal Matters


    1. Divorce 
    2. Paternity issues 
    3. Disestablishment of Paternity 
    4. Child Support
    5. Mediation 
    6. Child Relocation 
    7. Time-Sharing

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